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Microneedling Is The Treatment You Never Knew You Needed

Anything with the word “needles” can easily induce anxiety, and microneedling is no exception. If we were to explain the procedure for the first time with no context, pricking your face with multiple tiny needles won’t sound compelling at all. But a case must be made for microneedling before you panic, so we have listed down why microneedling is the treatment you never knew you needed.

But First, What Is Microneedling?

This is the process of inserting micro-fine needles into your skin to catapult it into rejuvenate mode. To keep your fear of needles at bay, the size of the needles used range from 0.5 to 3.0 mm, which is a far cry from the conventional needles that you are imagining right now. Instead of the deep, stinging pain associated with injections, microneedling involves only skin-deep pinpricks.

What Does Microneedling Do For My Skin?

The tiny punctures prompt the healing process of the skin, which leads to increased formation of collagen and elastin. Immediately, microneedling will improve the texture and quality of your skin even if it means having to deal with redness and pinpoint bleeding for around a day and a half. As a result, your skin becomes softer and plumper.

If you’re weighed down by stubborn acne scars that never seem to go away no matter what product you put on, microneedling might just be the solution. Whenever there is scarring, the body undergoes fibrosis which helps tremendously in the healing, but can also cause pock marks on the surface due to the glue that pulls the skin down. With microneedling, the concentration of “glue” underneath the skin is broken up so the surface of the skin is released, making it a lot smoother.

Wave goodbye to dead skin cells, because microneedling also exfoliates your skin. Couple that with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles due to the body’s natural response to microtrauma and you can say hello to fresh and youthful skin regardless of your age. It can also correct your skin tone and hyperpigmentation and reduce blackheads. All of those benefits can be yours in just about 30 minutes of treatment!

Microneedling is also a super star for those who have pigmented acne scarring. Microneedling will break up the scar tissue fast and effectively.

Even better, Sparrow House Medical Aesthetics has a special procedure that merges three microneedling treatments into one – aptly dubbed as the Vampire Facial. It is a microneedling treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma which adds extra tightening to your skin and speeds up the healing period. It’s truly a 3-in-1 treat, as it promises three times the result of a regular microneedling treatment!

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