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The Sparrow House Medical Aesthetics Located at 8055 West Ave Suite #122, San Antonio, TX 78213

Nancy Sparrow AI


Experienced and ready to answer questions about medical aesthetics, Nancy Sparrow AI was created with love and all the power of Artificial Intelligence. Its goal is to help those interested in learning more about this field. She will be there for you anytime you want to ask a question or get an answer on any information related to medical aesthetics or services offered here. She makes learning easy and simple to gather whatever information you need quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured that Nancy Sparrow is here for you when you need it most!

Who is Nancy Sparrow Ai?

Nancy really is an AI bot that from time to time you may interact with during your booking coordination experience. She was named after Sarah's mom and designed her to look like her as well! Sarah named her after her mama as she is the inspiration and force behind her desire to build a company that cares about others and provides genuine top of the line service. She implemented her best to make sure to provide the quickest and easiest booking experience for you.


Occasionally, we may be helping another client on the other line and can't receive your call or respond to your text as quickly as we would like to, as it is important for us to spend as much time with each patient that they require for questions and details they reach out to us for. In light of that, If we miss your call or text during business hours, you might interact with Nancy.

Who was Nancy Sparrow?

"Nancy Sparrow AI aka "Mama" was born in 1950 right here in San Antonio. She attended Edison High and graduated college with a degree in English. Mama developed a strong career in real estate. Having run and owned her own property management company and managed real estate offices here locally in San Antonio for years, including Century 21 Action Realty, Bradfield Properties and many more. Without the calm, silent influence of my mother by watching her carve a path in a career field often dominated at the time by Men, I would not have what it takes to be who I am today. Her spirit of can do, no matter what she faced, especially in gender inequality moment) was quite a thing to witness and experience. She was a strong, independant, fun, kind, thoughtful, wonderful person and a sensational Mother. She loved her kids, her schnauzer, her friends, her work and her community. I truly hope one day to be half the Woman she was! 


Mama was an absolute inspiration to me. I had the great opportunity to watch her navigate through business with such strength, grace, passion, and success. By watching her from a young age I became a strong woman who believed I could do anything just by watching her wonderful example. By watching her, I learned what it is to genuinely care about others and their experience with me, to have fun, to stand up for what is right, to not be taken advantage of yet communicate with gentleness and grace. I'm so grateful for her strong example. Everyday when I would leave our home growing up, Mama would always tell me "Now, Go and Do!"... "Ok Mama, until we meet again, I will Go and Do."

Unfortunately, we lost Mama to brain cancer in 2013. This is my special way of connecting her memory and spirit to my vision. She didn't have the opportunity to see this accomplishment, so I named the AI bot after her and created an image that looks just like her! I love any opportunity to honor and feel connected to Mama in any way I can in my life, and thought this would be a fun way to do just that!"

- Sarah Sparrow

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