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Audrey Balmes, RN

Advanced Cosmetic Injector

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Meet Audrey Balmes, RN, the aesthetic virtuoso whose canvas is your face. With a passion for toxins and dermal fillers, Audrey doesn't just smooth wrinkles; she sculpts beauty. Her injections are more than a procedure—they're an art form, a symphony of rejuvenation. Armed with a syringe and a sense of humor, Audrey turns each appointment into a delightful journey. For Audrey, it's not just about erasing lines; it's about injecting confidence and celebrating your unique beauty.

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Client Reviews

- Jeanette

Love the quality and time taken to ensure you have the absolute best and natural results! 

- Chona

Priscilla knows her craft! She is super friendly, which made me feel relaxed. Most importantly, she is very passionate in helping me look younger without pressure of what I don't want or need!

- Crystal A.

Priscilla was beyond amazing! She is knowledgable, skillful and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back!

Client Reviews

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My Work

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